The purpose of Autism Yesterday and Today (501c non-profit foundation) is to gather funds so that we can provide computers and technology for special needs classes in our public schools.

As parents of an autistic child, we noticed throughout our son’s school years that the classrooms had little to no technology for their special education students. We always struggled trying to make sure that our son received computer classes, and the reason we were given to why he could not get them was that there was not enough computers to go around.  We want to make sure that the special needs classes have an equal opportunity to learn and to make the most out of their learning potential.

With your help we want to provide these kids with bigger monitors, computers, laptops, iPads, projectors that will help our students have the latest and best technology to help them have a better chance and bring out the best out of each student.

We have made it really easy to help us with your contribution, please go to: Donations or for more information please go to Contact

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